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The Perfect Team

The Perfect Team

THE PERFECT TEAM is a new and fascinating account of the making of ON THE BOWERY by Rogosin's son Michael, with recent and archival footage. Michael details the history of The Bowery then and now as well as Rogosin's crew, made-up of remarkable filmmakers who were not always so perfect off the set. Michael also delves into the mystery of Ray Salyer, the star who abruptly disappeared when fame and fortune started knocking on his door and was never heard from again.

THE PERFECT TEAM features two of the few filmed interviews of Lionel ever recorded; one by Russian film director Marina Goldovskaya and the other an astonishing 1956 interview on The Today Show also featuring Ray Salyer.

2009. France/USA/Italy. 46:30 minutes. Digital. Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85. Color/B&W. Stereo. Produced and directed by Michael Rogosin. Rogosin interviews by Marina Goldovskaya. Edited by Thierry Simonnet. Assistant Editor: Céleste Rogosin. Cinematography and sound by Zach Levy, Michael Rogosin, Lloyd Ross. Research and archiving: Matt Peterson. Photoshop: Elliot Rogosin. Score by Jeff Gardner and music by Charles Mills from On The Bowery. ©2009 Rogosin Heritage.